Top Gaming Computers for 2017

Computers were first used roughly four or five decades back for the purpose of computing and processing information. With the internet, computers were used for exchanging information from one place to another where geographical location and other such obstacles became a thing of the past. Additionally, computers also became the main source of entertainment whether it was music or films. As technology moved forward, computers became an extensive method for various gaming activities. Today it would not be out of place to mention here that computers are commonly used for various types of gaming activities. Today sitting in the comfort of the home it is possible to play some of the most fascinating games. While credit must be given to the coders and software developers for coming out with the most wonderful computer games, the role of hardware development also cannot be ignored. Today’s computers are specially made keeping in mind the gaming requirements. There are dozens of models that are available in the market and we will try and have a look at some of the best computers for gaming in 2017 is concerned. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying These George Mason University Game Design

Since there are dozens of gaming computers, buying a suitable one may not be an easy job. There is bound to be confusion, and at some point, you also could be in a state of indecision. Therefore it would be better if we had a foolproof checklist to bear in mind whenever you decide to buy a gaming computer. The list is quite extensive, but we will try and restrict it to a few important points so that it can be used as a ready checklist whenever you decide to buy such computers.


There is no doubt that when planning to buy the best computers for gaming in 2017 the budget is an important point that one has to be kept in mind. If you are planning to run two graphics cards, then you may have to shell out a few thousands of dollars because they do not come cheap. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with one graphic card then you can buy them for around 600 to 800 dollars. Having a clear budget in mind is perhaps the best/first starting point. If you can afford it, it would be better to go in for computers with dual graphic cards. This is because future gaming software might come with the requirement of dual graphic cards or even more. Computer Game Science

The Type Of Games Which You Play

The next important point is to be clear about the kind of games which you would like to play in your gaming computer. If you are looking at games with first-person shooting requirements, then you have to pay attention to the kind of graphic which you are using. In fact, in such situations, the graphic cards become more important than the CPU configuration and capabilities. 

A Few More Factors To Keep In Mind

Apart from the above, you have to play a lot of attention to the quality of graphic cards that you choose. This makes the biggest difference. There are other important aspects like the capacity of the CPU and the kind of cooling systems and facilities it has. Games use a lot of resources in the CPU and therefore they heat up rapidly. Apart from air conditioning systems, there also must be some inbuilt facilities in the CPU to help to keep the system cool at all times. Gaming Computers for 2017

Let us now look at a few gaming computers which might create excitement as far as 2017 is concerned:


According to many gaming enthusiasts, this is a superb gaming laptop, especially for those who do not want to compromise on performance under any circumstances. It has quite a few attractive features. For example, it does not get too loud or hot even when it is under a lot of pressure in terms of game features and the time that one spends on playing the games. The reason why this could be a great buy is because it compares favorably with MacBook Pro whose prices we all know. Hence it would be a great replacement for the MacBook due to some of the best features, and it is perfectly suited for the best 1080p gaming.  Going through a detailed review will certainly help your decision making. 

The Alienware 17

Those who have used the Alienware 17 claim that it is one of the best gaming computers money can buy. It’s only real competition is the ASUS G752 (listed earlier). The Acer G9-791 is also built on similar lines, but again, the price is a factor. The Alienware 17 comes with 16GB RAM and SSD features. However, the same have to be purchased as an upgrade which might push the price quite a bit. Still, it is a great computer to have for those who are crazy about computer games.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Though it might look lumpy, for those who are looking at longevity there is no doubt that the Inspiron 15 7000 Series is a desktop which can be considered as a great gaming device. It is feature rich and comes with powerful graphics, which certainly will go well with gamers and professionals alike. The reflective screen and other such features may be a dampener, but at the end of the day, there is no doubt that it offers the best value for your money. 

Gigabyte P57 x V6-CF2

This model from Nvidia is in the class of GPU and if you have the money to spend there is no doubt that this could be one of the best gaming computers you can get in the country- and even the world. Named as P57xV6-CF2, it has some interesting features which are worth mentioning. However, there are some complaints about it getting hot when used for long periods of time.